AutoPlotter 8.08

Plot routes and organize custom mapping data
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8.08.0 (See all)
Organize topographical information for a map, plan an individual route, and manage related information. Divide the imported map file into sectors and edit the contents, markers, landmarks, and routing info in each section. Automate the process of extending and adjusting the plans.

Whether you want to get your topographical map with contours and 3D terrain model, or you are looking for sections, or cadastral maps, AutoPlotter can do it all for you in a way which you will always appreciate, the easy way. No wonder then that after the introduction of AutoPlotter seven years back in India, it has gained popularity with more than 5000 installations in the field of route survey, topographical survey, revenue survey, mining, city survey, grade planning & 3D modeling, Road Construction and project planning

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